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We do not keep logs of your searches. Data is transferred using the TLS protocol and cannot be intercepted.


Basic Plan

2.99$ / day

  • 15 e-mail lookups

Monthly Plan

9.99$ / mo

  • 200 e-mails, usernames / day

  • 15 keywords / day

Lifetime Plan

69.99$ / lifetime

  • 400 e-mails, usernames / day

  • 30 keywords / day
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from 179$ / every 3 months

  • any lookups

  • Reverse search by password and company domain

  • Bulk check

  • OPTIONAL Dedicated support, help with development & integration into own projects, corporate environment

Our opportunities

Use Cases

Protecting yourself

This is the main purpose of LeakCheck. Find out if your data has been compromised as a result of any breach.

Preventing password reuse

According to the results of a survey conducted by Google in 2018, 65% of users on the internet use the same password for most (or even all) of their accounts. With our Enterprise API, you can check whether a password has been used before, even before a user registers on your website.

Recovering old passwords

Sometimes we forget our login details and want to get them back. In some cases, our service can find them for you.

Users monitoring

Let us notify you of any compromised passwords of your users and force them to change their passwords before something bad happens.

Business monitoring

When it comes to corporate security, a leaked password from at least one employee can have tragic consequences for the entire company. We offer multiple options for domain monitoring - both manually in your account and automatically using the API or our dedicated solution.